Over 300 SPAM flushed down the bowl already today!

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Posted by John Behle on November 07, 2003 at 15:19:24:

Using the new MailWasher Pro I've already been protected from over 300 SPAM emails today and it's only 1:00pm. It also protected me from a virus yesterday.

During that last rush of virus mail a couple months ago it protected me from 2-300 viruses each day. I love the fact that they don't even come near my computer - it's deleted from the server.

SPAM is also deleted from the server and never comes near my computer. That way their cookies and "web bugs" don't verify my address, IP number or result in more SPAM. Not only is it deleted, it is bounced back as un-deliverable. I like that. It's like throwing the trash the spammers send right back in their faces and a "bounced" email address will get deleted from many lists. Whereas, if it hits my computer, it can result in more.

Hitting the "un-subscribe" on most SPAM emails only results in verifying your address.

Between the filters I set up, emails I have previously blacklisted, and the national SPAM blacklists (including Spam Cop if you want) - 5-600 SPAM emails a day are flushed away with little time or effort on my part.

If you don't have a good system for managing SPAM, then consider Mail Washer Pro 3.3

There is a link at the left of the forum to make it easy to find out more. The company name is "FIRETRUST". Click on the link and try their free version or go right for the full version. I've never had a piece of software I have tried that I went back and upgraded as quickly. It's one of my most valuable tools.

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