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Posted by D.H on January 21, 2006 at 11:49:55:

In Reply to: Re: does John Behle still host this forum? posted by John Behle - forum host on January 20, 2006 at 22:25:22:

Dear Mr. Behle,
I just wanted to extend to you my appreciation, not only for this reply, which I am sure is a wake up call to everyone who is really interested in learning from the many, many thousands of (FREE)and unmatched articles and resources you provide in this website, but for all you have done for and in this, the paper business. I know that you don't need someone like me, whom you don't even know, to sort of "pat you on the back", but I really do want to thank you for the knowledge and information that you have shared with people through out the years. It truly is a shame that becasue of a few CHUMPS you are considering closing down this forum. I hope you reconsider for the sake of those few serious people, like myself, who truly appreciate it. I guess, though, I can't really blame those people in this forum who, like the banker in your example above, are SO excited about this business and especially after being lucky enough to have studied your video course, are just on "fire" to get started and wanting to learn more from you and who constantly request that you do more seminars and put your materials on the market again. Believe me I understand them, but I understand YOU as well. Your family and your health come first.

Once again, on behalf of those of us who are srious about this business, and specifically those of us who want to be investors in paper and not "bird dogs" only, Thank You for sharing your knowledge. I hope that, from time to time, if time and health allow, you will throw little tid bits at us to be able to learn just a little more from this great, lucrative business.

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