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Posted by John Behle on March 01, 2010 at 19:38:23:

I've published THE PAPER GAME book and later tape set for almost 30 years. First published in 1982.

I have 13 video sets left and will sell them for 30 days or until they are gone whichever is sooner.

I am now and have always been primarily an investor and not a book salesman. I don't travel the "Circus Circuit" or what has been termed the "Real Estate Evangelist" circuit-. I've never had a need to print up thousands of copies of my course and we generate them as needed. I've continued selling the course as a courtesy, but I really don't have the time or interest in continuing it. There was a time I loved the letters I received praising the course or was flattered if a real estate group asked me to speak, etc. Lately I haven't even had the time or interest in responding - sorry about that. There is just too much to do. Kids and grandkids to play with and investing and other business interests. I just kind of have to face the fact that it doesn't interest me and being a guru has never been my goal.

Maybe if I charged tens of thousands and put on a huge horse and pony act it would be more rewarding and interesting, but that kind of stuff has always kind of turned my stomach. I've always charged a small percentage of the price of other people for a hundred times the quality material. I've always let the material speak for itself.

This video course is still 95% relevant to todays market even though it was recorded at the end of 1991.

How could that be? The course is geared around INVESTING IN PAPER instead of brokering paper. If I reproduced the course new today, there is very little I would change except possibly dropping the few places that do talk about brokering notes. That part was thrown in somewhat reluctantly because people needed a place to start and most felt brokering was the place to start even though I showed them they never needed to broker a note.

The focus of buying notes using your own capital and working with private investors is still 100% workable today. The course covers buying and financing notes and many dozen ways to make greater profits in paper though “Improving” the paper and using it in a myriad of other ways. Instead of growing through the years, this area of the note business has almost disappeared. Only one or two other courses even touch on any of these techniques and that only slightly. The reason is that the market changed. Large un-creative companies and institutions came in as investors and note “salesmen” (and saleswomen) took the place of private investors.

The private investor has nearly died out. The creative application and usage of notes has almost disappeared. Part of that is because of the education as I have mentioned and part of that is the lack of the most creative market place where notes thrived. When the tax laws changed regarding section 1031 exchanges, the majority of exchange groups died or came close to it. For example, my local group turned from 80-100 creative cowboys meeting monthly to three old guys having breakfast once in a while. Yes, I know exchanging still exists. I used to moderate and national exchange meetings and had an NCE Gold Card and an EMS designation. But, few agents and individuals are involved anymore. While I praise and love NCE, most people don't even know it exists.

Years ago most paper buyers were real estate agents and attended the exchange meetings. These days there are probably 100 non-agent paper brokers for every one that is an agent.

Anyway, this may be the one and only place to learn treasured ideas and techniques that have brought wealth and enjoyment to many. And......... it's going away in 30 days.

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