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Posted by Ryan Steele on May 27, 2004 at 13:21:38:

In Reply to: Do a lot of research before diving in posted by Rory Goff on May 23, 2004 at 14:00:40:

Hmm. They bash the seminar people, let's see why? While yes the seminar people do bring into the arena tons of unqualified people, they will fall out of the business shortly as these people are those that think they can strike it rich quick. That simply does not happen. Effort is needed in any business.

Now with tons more people out there looking for notes, yes their business is down. It is called added competition. That might be why they bash the seminar people.

The also are selling a package themselves, then tell those that have attended the seminars to buy it, and work with them. So they have an exclusive force of people to be "bird dogs" for them.

To me this is a marketing strategy they have chosen to go with. Bash your competition and hope their fledglings will work with you only.

I have to so that the Note industry is a little down because traditional financing is so easy to obtain, however if done right you can still do it. Now mind you, ANYTHING you do that you want to be successful takes EFFORT and TIME. The only way to get rich quick is to win the lottery, see the odds in that!

I don't say do research, I say get educated. Learn the terms of the industry first, then learn the risks. Ever try to talk sports to a person that knows nothing about that sport? Gets frustrating. So if you no nothing about Notes, how they work, how they can be sold or priced, then it would be frustrating to work with you. So LEARN the business first.

Now you have my 2 cents. Don't bash others, just do what you do, and do it well. You don't have to put down others to make yourself feel better. The good people out there will know you are a decent person and will do business with you.

Hope that helps!

Ryan Steele

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